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How to improve the efficiency of after sales services

In electronic industries, the efficiency of all after sales services is crucial for keeping up the profitability of operations. While the competition becomes tougher, innovative business models and processes help to stay ahead of rivals.

Reaching of the key performance indicators set for the operations is one of the keys to success regardless of the way the after sales services have been organized.

Common kpi’s in after sales services

The most commonly used key performance indicators are related to the efficiency of the repair, testing and spare parts handling processes:

  • TAT – Turn Around Time
  • DA – Delivery Accuracy
  • Warranty – How many items are returned in warranty time

In practice, meeting of these goals is measured and controlled automatically in the ERP systems. When efficiency improvements are sought after, the first task is to evaluate how the KPI’s have been met. The next step is to evaluate the reasons behind possible lacks, solve them and continue regular follow-ups.

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Ways to improve efficiency

The efficiency of in-house services can be improved with constant management. The processes, competences, resources or management system may require improvements, which can only be recognised with careful analysis.

When a trusted partner takes care of after sales services, reaching of the efficiency improvement goals is also outsourced. These goals are naturally agreed together. Efficiency can be enhanced through a right and competent partner who provides:

  • Flexibility of after sales service operations and capacity
  • High quality
  • Integrated information systems
  • Regular communication of the goals and improvement needs

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