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Russia telecom repair

TDR Russia telecom repair operation offers services such as screening, repairing and testing of many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) products. In addition of Russia telecom repair, TDR has repair services for industrial electronics repair and advanced electromechanical assembly operation in St. Petersburg site.

Russia telecom repair and industrial electronics repair capability creates significant savings in logistics and custom cost. Telecom and industrial electronics products screening, repairing and testing locally in Russia enables fast turnaround time and feedback of products issues are reported to end customer much faster than sending products outside of Russia.

TDR has high competent personnel in Russia telecom repair site. TDR`s Finland and Estonia site can support TDR`s Russia telecom repair site whenever needed and new products to portfolio can be added based on customer requests. TDR`s industrial and telecom reverse engineering and testing system creation engineering team can support all sites and implement needed competences and capabilities where is certain customer demand.

TDR Russia telecom repair and industrial electronics repair service consist also spare part services and support for low volume & high mix products. There can be also cases that product is totally damaged and not repairable, or demand is very low. In those specific cases it is reasonable to use second hand products, but it might require that those are imported from abroad. TDR has good connections for second hand products dealers worldwide and by TDR specific testing capabilities in Finland and Estonia, all products can be tested prior shipping to Russia.

TDR electromechanical assembly team in Russia can support you in both low and high-volume products. Electromechanical assembly service can be extended from assembly to full service including designing, sourcing, testing and logistics.

Main advantages of TDR local Russia telecom repair and industrial electronics repair & electromechanical assembly:

  • Avoid custom fees
  • Avoid logistics cost
  • High quality standards
  • TDR support functions from other sites
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Fast feedback
  • Local presence
  • Import/export for specific products

To know more about our Russia telecom repair and electromechanical assembly, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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