Take advantage of our comprehensive experience in designing, building and repairing a wide range of telecommunications and industrial automation products. We help our customers focus on growth, profitability and their core competences by keeping them and their end customers happy.

our main focus areas are:

  • Base stations (BTS), repairing switching domains and engineering in cellular networks
  • Unit repair, assembly, testing and engineering in industrial automation and medical sector

Comprehensive after sales services offer

  • Predictability and cost efficiency without compromises in quality
  • Maximum utilisation rate and speed of repair for your equipment
  • Technology neutral flexibility and green life-cycle management of your products

We repair and recycle your professional electronic products: power supply systems, inverters, filters, radios, control boards, industrial automation and other industrial units. The service includes spare parts handling, logistics services, and delivering repair data for product development. All repaired units are fully tested before shipment.

Tailored assembly services increase cost-efficiency

We use assembling units and systems with both special and standard solutions. This allows the delivery of tailored electrical and mechanical assembly services and the use of an extensive partner network for theprocurement of sub-assenblies and components.

Our assembly site is located in Pärnu, Estonia. 

Complete engineering services throughout the product's life-cycle

Our tailored engineering services are used e.g. for testing, verifications, product upgrades, product design changes and maintenance. We can offer deep technical knowledge, especially in the telecom 1-4G and industrial electronics technologies. In our work, we apply a lean-driven mindset.

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