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Electromechanical assembly

Tailored electromechanical assembly services increase cost-efficiency.

We use assembling units and systems with both special and standard solutions. This allows the delivery of tailored electrical and mechanical assembly services and the use of an extensive partner network for the procurement of sub-assemblies and components.

Electromechanical assembly services

TDR electromechanical assembly service customers are companies who need high-quality, flexible electrical and electromechanical assembly services. We offer turnkey services. Our low-cost locations in different countries offer customers cost savings without compromising quality, so our customers’ resources can be allocated to their core business.

Our electromechanical assembly services include sourcing, assembly, testing, packing and logistics for high and low volume products. This covers the whole process from prototypes to complete and fully tested final products, including global purchasing channels and spare parts handling.

We work based on lean manufacturing practices. All our employees actively participate in the development of the company and the continuous improvement of processes.

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Electromechanical assembly

The subcontracting electromechanical assembly service includes the following stages:

  • Technical sales, i.e. the preparation and management of product sales documents from customers’ orders up to shipping documents, constant communication with customers
  • The creation and management of a secure and stable supply chain of components, procurement of the components needed for assembly.
  • Participation in the manufacturing process of prototype and project cabinets

TDR offers electromechanical assembly service in Estonia (Pärnu) sites.

TDR’s electromechanical assembly services have a dedicated quality program, which has been built according to the requirements of the ISO 9001 (2008) and ISO 14001 (2004) standards.

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