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Telecom screening service

Reuse of telecom products is common operation in telecom network maintenance and expansion. For example, installation of newer technologies, older working network de-installed products do have value and purpose.

Used products can be used for maintenance purposes. Instead of repairing faulty product, used working products are usable for repair avoid purposes. When whole network is de-installed, it can also be re-installed for more rural areas as well. Network can be used by owner itself by either purpose, or it can be sold fully. Telecom screening is important step for avoiding warranty claims and/or unnecessary field visits. It is very expensive to do installation and realize product is not functional.

Electromechanical assembly

Telecom screening solution is for testing products before usage. Regardless if product is reused by owner itself or for selling it further, telecom screening operation is for testing products functionality. Difference in telecom repair and screening is that in telecom repair testing, telecom testing system can show where issue is in details enabling correct repair procedure. Telecom screening is cost efficient way to check products functionality. If product fails in telecom screening test, then it can be decided if it will be sent for repair or should it be recycled professionally.

TDR has long experience in telecom testing products. Dedicated engineering team can support you in any telecom screening demands such as 2-4,5G plug in telecom base station products. TDR can offer such telecom screening capabilities to be created to customer itself. In such mode, TDR can offer also telecom maintenance services for these telecom testing equipment which are operated by customer locally. Telecom screening solution can be created to be very user friendly which can be operated also not only locally where ever needed, but also centralized enabling needed capacity for maximal utilization rate. This telecom screening can be extended also to telecom base station repair including all needed support and maintenance needed.

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