Deep technical knowledge and competences

Telecom reverse engineering

Telecom 2-4,5G and other industrial electronics technology suppliers require engineering services with deep technical knowledge and competences. These technologies advance with extensive speed, which means that the engineering services suppliers must be capacious and highly capable to deliver the expected results.

Our tailored and complete engineering services are used e.g. for testing, verifications, product upgrades, product design changes and maintenance services. Our telecom reverse engineering team has very experienced personnel to create telecom network equipment repair capability not only to ourselves but also to customer for their own purposes. Telecom reverse engineering enables telecom network hardware maintenance services independently without OEM support specially to aging networks. This telecom reverse engineering can gain significant cost savings and network usage extension when particular products are mandatory to be working.

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Telecom reverse engineering

An example to telecom reverse engineering:

There is working network in use. Operator would like to upgrade to new system. After de-installation it can be re-installed to more rural area for example as it is working network. Within de/re-installation, equipment should be tested. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) might not have any longer hardware services for such technology or service is very expensive. In case, some products are broken (or get broken), our telecom reverse engineering team can study product and repair it in custom way by analysing manually whole product to identify failing section. Our repair department is using same components as originally was used in the product. This one part of our telecom reverse engineering process enables that product performs as it was designed originally.

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