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How to compare after sales service partners

A good after sales services partner delivers value through improved efficiency. As many after sales service strategies in professional electronic industries include partners, the key question is how to choose the optimal partner.

Outside resources have many business benefits. Besides extra capacity and cost efficiency, a good partner helps to identify new service concepts and product improvements. These advantages can be used for increasing the business volume and profitability.

Common tasks for outsourcing

Outsourcing simplifies the management of many regularly needed after sales services, e.g.

  • Volume repairs
  • Normal, standardized service work
  • Installation and de-installation services
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Warranty management

The after sales service providers have various strengths and focus areas. The trick is to find a perfect match with the chosen after sales service strategy and the interests and capabilities of the partner candidates.

Defining the selection criteria

The selection criteria depends naturally on the strategic goals. Key considerations to be evaluated are the partner candidates’:

  • Resources and capability to grow
  • Alignment of the long term strategies
  • Suitable pricing and contract model

Learn more about selection criteria by downloading the pdf Selection criteria for a partnership in after sales services in professional electronic industries.

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