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Trends of after sales services in electronic industries

The matured electronic industries are today facing difficulties in achieving their growth and profitability goals.

New ideas are needed in order to stay ahead of competition. This is why the leading players in the professional electronic industries are looking for and implementing after sales services which complement their offering and ensure successful life-cycle for their products. After sales services is an identified key driver for the growth and profitability.

Outsourcing models complement the offering

Outsourcing solutions have emerged in various electronic industries over the time for obvious reasons. They provide a way towards profitable growth and enable companies to focus on developing their core competences, but can also increase the agility of operations.

Many companies started outsourcing by cooperation with sales partners. The next phase of outsourcing trends moved to the area of services. One of the fast growing area of outsourced services is after sales operations. The efficient management of the product’s entire life cycle is a way to excel over competition, while it also increases the turnover.

trends of after sales

After sales services cover the product’s entire life cycle

What are the current trends in organising after sales services in electronic and electromechanical industry companies? Some identified service trends now and in the future, based on industry maturity level, are:

  • Solution based services
  • Design for services
  • Loyalty winning services (switching cost & customer experience)
  • Machine to machine services without human effort

These trends and emerging new customer demands set the rules on how to organise after sales services in local and in international companies and what kind of partners will secure the success.

Success factors in after sales services

The future success factors for professional sector players in telecom, electronic and electromechanical industries are:

  • Adopting an end to end operating model
  • Meeting (or exceeding) the continuously rising customer expectations
  • Securing competitiveness and performance at every level of the global supply chain
  • Applying a full spectrum digital operation model

Companies and organisations must adapt and organise they after sales services to meet these factors to be successful in future business. The optimal partners in reaching these goals should have a competent and evolving service mix, lean and flexible operation model and preferably service locations that provide advantages in service logistics.

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