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Decreasing dependence on manufacturers’ after sales

The leading brand owners of professional electronic and robotic equipment provide comprehensive product entities for their customers.

These often consist of parts manufactured by various subcontractors. Managing this kind of subcontractor network is one concern – and managing of repair services for a multi-contracted product entity is another challenge.

In such cases, the after sales services are nowadays more often outsourced. This enables better focus, efficiency and growth potential for the brand owner. There are two alternative strategies to organise efficient after sales services with an external partner: you can use the services provided by the actual manufacturers of the parts or you can outsource repair, testing and spare parts handling for one technology neutral after sales services partner.

Why to decrease dependence on manufacturers’ repair services

There are pros and cons to be evaluated. The advantage of relying on manufacturers’ repair service is that they should know their products and how to repair them. However, this solution also has its disadvantages and risks: there will always be changes.

A change of supplier can increase the amount of repair costs – or even result in a situation where the product can not be repaired any more. Dependence only on the manufacturers’ after sales services also leads to a challenge of managing the repair network. It requires resources to manage and control the work of multiple repair partners, especially when the speed of service is becoming increasingly critical also in after sales services.

Advantages of a technology neutral after sales service partner

A modern way to solve complex after sales service needs is to select one technology neutral after sales service partner. This means that one partner handles and repairs many or even all needed products supplied by various manufacturers.

The advantages of one after sales service partner

No dependence on manufacturers’ support

  • Focus on increasing the products’ lifetime
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Lower repair cost
  • Independent view on product quality

All these advantages can be measured: this solution delivers cost savings and improves the environmental performance. These in turn have a positive impact on revenue and customer satisfaction.

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Decreasing dependency

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